Camp  Holloway                  Pleiku, South Vietnam    
     In 1966, the 179th ASH was moved to  Camp Hollowway Pleiku from its original deployment at Dong Ba Thin. Its major function was to support as many as five separate locations simultaneously within the II Corps Tactical Zone.
      The 179th was assigned to the 52nd Combat Aviation Battalion during its deployment and provided infantry and artillery moves, resupply missions, medical evacuations and aircraft recoveries. 
      Until withdrawal in the early 70's, the "Shrimpboats" remained a major contributing force in battle for the Central Highlands.
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  1st Aviation Brig.
    52nd CAB
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BRAND NEW!!!!!!  Now  you can have your photo albums from Nam viewed by everyone in "Photos". We are able to link with either your site or ours, and give a direct viewing to anyone interested. Presently, there are two albums with over 300 pics in them. Just go to"Photos" and click on the album you wish to view. More info? Contact Phil 
 Camp Holloway
Memorial Wall Pictures
 Tom Walker with his pet monkey, George.
  OUR FIRST REUNION:  FORT     RUCKER OCTOBER 2009       More photos and slide show

 Camp Dispensary
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      2013 REUNION IN WASHINGTON D.C: More photos and slide show
 Our very own Tom Messenger brings us our own book about the 179th, Camp Holloway and our adventures in the Central Highlands. 

With the escalation of the Vietnam War in the late 1960s, the American military discovered it needed a new kind of helicopter to cope with the rugged environmental and combat conditions its fighting men were encountering. The need resulted in the development of the Bell UH-1 Iroquois and the Boeing-Vertol CH-47 Chinook. Now they just needed the pilots, flight engineers, crew chiefs and gunners to man them. In a sense they were LOOKING FOR FLYBOYS. Tom Messenger's memoir follows his experiences as a Chinook flight engineer on missions over Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos. It not only relates the tales of those missions during the course of the war but also his interactions with fellow soldiers and the civilian population. Tom's stories run the gamut from recounting the dangers of battle and capturing the anguish of war to the humorous situations of daily life in the Army so familiar to anyone who has ever served.

L to R: John Fannon, Mack Allison, Karen Zimmerman, Mike McFarland, Jerry & Sandy Gallaway, Carolyn & Bob Harris, Sandy Causey, Ed Gulesserian
One of the two D Model Chinooks we were allowed to tour. Surprisingly, both of these aircraft are old A model airframes converted to D's. These may have been one of ours back in RVN !!
SOMETHING TO THINK ABOUT: It's never to early to start thinking about our next reunion, and in October 2017 we will be getting together in Nashville for more stories, more partying, and more camaraderie. Keep that date available. Any questions, contact either Stan Neckermann at (phone: 314-487-5384), or Tom Messenger at (708-203-6096). Remember this is available to all Vietnam Chinook units. The more the merrier!)

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Stan ​Neckermann  sent in these photographs of his old aircraft, Shrimpboat 021 in 1969, and a recent photo of that same aircraft today. CH 47 Super C 68 16021 was converted to MH 47D 85-24361 and now to her current configuration MH 47G 06-03767.
KEEP THIS DATE OPEN !!! Our next reunion will be held in Nashville, Tennessee on October 6-8th, 2017. As the reunion program and costs are determined, information will be posted for you.  Keep the date open, and see you there!!