57971 in flight sent in by Tom Wills
.Ed Duffey in 1968

Looking out the "hole"
Burnin'   Shit!!
  An aerial approach to Camp Holloway
The Gallery
The 179th ASH company was born in Fort Benning, Georgia as a medium helicopter company.
                                                                Fort  Benning Field Operations
                           Steve,Greek,Murphy, Whalens, Doherty, Watkins, and Chuck  
Left: The 179th flight line at Fort Benning.    

                    Right: 10th Aviation Group                  Headquarters at Fort Benning
In 1966, the 179th was loaded up and moved overseas to Dong Ba Thin, South Vietnam
USS John Pope at Cam Ranh Bay
Dong Ba Thin Company area
Helicopters arrive at Dong Ba Thin
          On the flight line
Spence, Murphy, Whalens, Murray
   Flight Operations Vehicles
Company hdqtrs, ops, & supply rms.
Tents and airfield at Holloway
Bathrooms and French bunkers.
179th tent city (wash house to left)
           Tent life at Holloway
           Company fly over
Shortly after arrival in Vietnam, the 179th was transfered to the 52nd Combat Aviation Battalion stationed at Camp Holloway in Pleiku, Vietnam. It's primary goal was to resupply artillary and infantry units fighting in the Central Highlands.
            Shops in Pleiku
   The recreation/tourism area
  Aerial of Montanyard village.
   105 artillery landing zone
     Monsoon: rain and mud
             Flying high
  Looking for LZ in cloud cover.
               Locked and loaded.
Waiting for Bob Hope tour. Sp5 Elison on on,  first injured.
               Joey Heatherton
               Anita Bryant
  Loading up Bob Hope's people.
Typical jungle re-con extraction
       Slingload into an LZ.
           Going into hot LZ.
      Mortar attack in 1966.
      Another barracks hit..
        Flying alone.
Burning crap in a barrel
Gerry Connors being the flight engineer
Anyone know this person?
Flight platoon mascot after a hard day of flying
Sammy Smith being macho
    " Home Sweet Home"
           Company Area
           Jake Jacobs
           Jake Jacobs
Da Lat
Jack Gilmore
Jack Gilmore