If you have any information on any of our fellow members that were killed in Vietnam, please pass on that info so that we may properly honor them on this page. I would like to write a small biography on each man. Where, when, and how he died. What aircraft he was on, and any fellow crew members he was with.

Cpl Alex Mitchell
SP4 David Wilson

   On Oct.5, 1968, aircraft number 19069 crashed on the runway at Camp Holloway, Pleiku, South Vietnam. While hovering over the runway to check the SAS system and controls, a mechanical failure occurred that allowed the front and rear rotors to de-synchronize and break apart the aircraft. The cockpit containing AC W2 CA Riggs and P W2 TE Lawrence separated from the aircraft and was thrown forward from the main wreckage which caught on fire. Alex Mitchell acting as gunner and David Wilson acting as Crew Chief were killed in the crash. Flight Engineer Sam Smith suffered varying injuries. Riggs, Lawrence, and Smith were evacuated due to their injuries. Another casualty of this crash was the flight platoon mascot that had flown on many missions with the 179th.
Sp4 Roy Davis
Sp5 Harold Lewis
    On Feb. 24, 1969, aircraft number 19091 crashed on final approach to Firebase Tango. Pilot W2 AS Ventura, Co-pilot W2 JW Wilkes, Flight Engineer Harold Lewis, Crew Chief Roy Davis, and Gunner SC Martin were carrying an external sling load of 105 rounds to the LZ when the ship began a low uncontrolled spin. As the ship began to spin, it lost altitude, making contact with the ground. As the aft section of the aircraft made contact with the ground, the aft transmission broke loose, came forward, and severed hydraulic and fuel lines in the rear of the aircraft. Fire immediately broke out with the 105 rounds exploding under the aircraft. Both Roy Davis and Harold Lewis perished in the crash. The extent of injuries and status of the remaining crew are unknown. However, 4 others were injured.
David W. Wilson
Roy H. Davis
Harold S. Lewis
Wilfred Draper
Alex L. Mitchell
Sp6 Anjelo Aprilliano
CW2 Robert L. Brown
Sp4 Jesse Creason Jr.
CW4 Dale Crull
Sp5 William DeWeese
Pfc Wilfred Draper
Sgt Danny Hereau
Sfc Eddie Miller
Pfc Fred Miller
Sp5 Michael Stiles
Ssgt Larry Winchester
    On 26 April 1968, aircraft number 66-19069 crashed near Engineer Hill in the Republic of South Vietnam. After replacing two engine gear boxes to transmission drive shafts and reinspecting, the A/C departed on the flight. It was observed to explode and fall to the ground burning. The rotor blades became desynchronized due to lack of lubrication in the combining transmission. All crew members and support maintenance crew were lost.
The Moving Wall in Cordova, Alaska. Pictures by Roger and Dixie Behymer.  Thank You     
Rebuilding our Monument that stood in Holloway: Above you will see a picture of the monument that stood near Headquarters  in Camp Holloway.That monument has since been destroyed. For many of us, our "wall" was sacred and represented  fellow soldiers and friends that gave their lives in the line of duty. At the reunion this year, a proposal was made to rebuild this treasure. Space in the National Vietnam War Museum in Mineral Wells, Texas has been provided and some local stone masons have volunteered their services to duplicate our monument. Our total cost ranges from $40,000 to $60,000, which converts to $20 per member. Please give this small amount so that we can truly bring our comrades home. For more information contact either Vern Gano at ganoshome@sbcglobal.net or Gerry Sandlin at gerrysandlin189@hughes.net
Sp4 Ron Stanton
Ron was attached to the 179th at Pleiku before being transferred to the 243rd on January 1968. His aircraft crashed while on a mercy mission and he was repatriated to Arlington Cemetery in 2001. Mac McAdams remebers him for saving his butt many times at Dak To. Welcome home, Ron